Max C., Private Label Sales EMEA

Dear Pascal

It is a shame to be writing this letter, but then times are changing and people will move on. I am sure that many of our colleagues will have written about four commitment and passion for whatever You do. I also believe that many will comment on how Vou have lived the Energizer
values to the full and have also inspired many others to do likewise.
There are two things that stick in my memory most. Firstly, You were always able to take a creative and sometimes fun approach to some serious and complex subjects if it helped get the message across and win over your audience. I have been trying to copy that style (with far less success) for a number of years !
The second event happened just shortly after this picture was taken. We had been skiing all day, we were all very tired, or so I thought, and it was late afternoon. We were in the bus on the way back to the hotel, looking forward to relaxing and recovering from from a hard day’s skiing. Then I noticed that you were taking your ski clothes off. Strange, I thought to myself, but I just thought it might be a French tradition. Then I realized that You had put on your running gear instead. We asked Phil to stop the van as you wanted to run the the final 10 kms back to the hotel. There is only one word for that……. CRAZY !!!
Wishing you all the best in whatever you do. You will be missed.
Kind regards
Max C., Private Label Sales EMEA
Secteur : Hygiène et Beauté. Groupe international